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XBD  Lineshaft Fire Pumps


1。 XBD lineshaft fire pumps was produced by HuanYa pump Ltd., , in compliance with GB6245-2006 of China and NFPA20 of USA. All products are inspected by China Fire Equipment Supervision and Inspection Center . All items of inspection are good and achieved standard ,but also got the certificate.

2. XBD  lineshaft fire pump set was combined with many centrifugal impeller and diversion shell,column ,drive shaft, discharge head, motor and other components.The discharge head and motor is above the pool. The dynamic of motor is transmitted to impeller shaft by drive shaft of column concentric then resulting in flow and pressure.


XBD  lineshaft fire pump is provided to fire hydrants, sprinkler auto of fire system for Industrial and Mine enterprise, construction,higher buildings and etc.It not only provide to transfer water without any solid and chemical liquid similar water, but also for water supply system of life and industrial, drainage of building and municipal program.


400-min suitable well diameter(mm)

RJC-lineshaft deep well pumps

450-rated capacity

30-head per stage

2-No of stage

XBD lineshaft fire pumps are applied to lift normal temperature clean water without erosive for water power plant (in an overhaul and leakage),power plant(when reduce the temperature in the recyle ,and for domestic service),steel works(for scale pit),fire-fighting,,urban water supply by water plant and agriculture irrgation.

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